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Pyram-Axis was formed in 1995 by award winning music producer Jim DeCicco to provide professional music production and composition services to the Hollywood entertainment industry. Since then it has flourished into many areas including video EPK production as well as comprehensive music composing, songwriting and scoring. As an independent record label, live event production and content creators, Pyram-Axis has enjoyed multiple awards and nods from the Grammy's and continues to stay on the cutting edge of interactive media in today's entertainment industry.
Pyram-Axis provides content creation and development in:
• Multimedia Production
• Graphic Layout/Design
• EPK (electronic press kit
• Web design
• Concert Production
• Studio Design/Consultation
• Music Production
• Original Music Composition
• Audio Mastering
One of the keys to Pyram-Axis's continued strength and longevity in the entertainment industry is it's industry partnerships and affiliations, including:
music connection music connection magazine
grammys the grammy's
ascap ascap
prosound web pro sound web
sony acid planet
gregory scott
vixen hawaii
collinz room
dave altman project