Pyram-Axis Music, since 1995 has launched independent artists’ careers across the globe with over fifty in-house produced albums, national radio campaigns, and sold-out Hollywood concert series.

Today, Pyram-Axis is focused on securing the best distribution and licensing opportunities for our roster and have expanded our operations to add legacy artists and other independent artists that can bring a workable catalog.

To do this, we secured an exclusive agreement with global distribution and publishing company, Sugo Music. While Sugo accepts artists directly through their web portal, Pyram-Axis referred artists will receive expedited and preferential handling of their catalog, which translates to more opportunity, exposure, and revenue for you while enjoying the same revenue share agreement or better than directly with Sugo.

Our goal is to curate catalogs of legacy artists and undiscovered quality music to bring new life to the work and maximize artists’ earnings. We accept ALL styles! 

Complete the review form below and if there is a fit, we will direct you to the next step in securing your global distribution agreement. There is no cost for this and you will at all times retain your rights and ownership.

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